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Navigating Senior Care During the Holidays

Noticing Signs of Change

During the holiday season, families eagerly anticipate the joy of being together, sharing laughter, and creating memories. For many, this time of year is an opportunity to reunite with loved ones, especially seniors who may reside in different cities or states. However, amidst the festive cheer, some families may find themselves facing unexpected stress and anxiety when they discover that their senior loved one may need extra care.

During these family gatherings, it's not uncommon for adult children to notice signs of aging or health issues that may have gone unnoticed during phone calls or video chats. The subtle changes in a loved one’s health, well-being, or safety may become more apparent to family members who may not always be in close proximity with their loved one.

Adult daughter with her elderly mother

The Need for Caregiving

Recognizing and addressing the need for caregiving can be a delicate and anxiety-ridden matter, but it's crucial for families to approach the situation with empathy, understanding, and open communication. Rather than viewing it as a disruption to the festivities, embracing the opportunity to provide support can foster a deeper connection and ensure the well-being of the senior family member.

The first step is to observe and identify any signs that may indicate a need for caregiving. Changes in mobility, forgetfulness, or struggles with daily tasks can be red flags. Engage in open conversations with your senior loved one, expressing concern and a willingness to help. Approaching the topic with sensitivity is key, emphasizing your desire to ensure their health, happiness, and as much independence as possible.

Long Term Planning for Senior Care During the Holidays

Once the need for caregiving is established, families can work together to create a plan that prioritizes the well-being, happiness, and independence of their senior family member. This might involve researching local caregiving services, coordinating with healthcare professionals, and discussing the division of caregiving responsibilities with family members and other resources.

Adult daughter long term planning with senior parents

Incorporating senior care during the holidays doesn't mean sacrificing the joy and warmth of family gatherings. Instead, it provides an opportunity for families to come together, demonstrate their love and commitment, and create a supportive environment for their senior loved ones. By embracing the challenges and uncertainties that caregiving may bring, families can navigate this season of care with grace, compassion, and a strengthened sense of unity.

How We Can Help

Care Around the Block can provide peace of mind around senior care during the holidays. We offer professional Care Management alongside traditional caregiving services as well as Dementia care services.

Care Management is a client-centered approach of guiding older adults through the confusion and anxiety of the aging process. Our areas of focus are advocacy for the client’s healthcare needs and wishes, housing options, helping families find solutions, transitional care after a hospitalization, among many others. You can find more info about Care Management on our website here.

Senior caregiver spending time with a family

Our traditional caregiving services are tailored to meet the distinct needs of the client. We offer services such as, but not limited to personal care, meal prep, chores, companionship, transportation. You can find more info about Caregiving here on our website.

Our Dementia Care program, EMBRACE, is designed to improve overall well-being. Through screenings and assessments, we can individually tailor activities of meaningful engagement to strengthen cognitive resilience and promote social engagement for those with normal cognition. For those further along in the disease progression, we offer activities to target remaining skills and interests. You can find more information about EMBRACE here.

Senior Care during the holidays does not have to be overly stressful or tiresome. With Care Around the Block, your life becomes easier. We promise to partner with you and your loved one to provide you with peace of mind during the holidays and the rest of the year.


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