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Care Management

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Care Management is a client-centered service tailored to meet the individualized needs of our clients. Our professional Care Managers complete screens and assessments to help clients and their families solve problems and set healthcare goals for their future. Our experienced Care Managers are healthcare advisors who provide monthly oversight of client care plans and more. Care Management is designed to meet each client where they are in their life journey.

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Areas of Focus

Our professional Care Managers are experts in these 8 areas:

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Our Care Managers advocate for our clients' healthcare needs and wishes.


Our Care Managers are experts on housing options. We help our clients make better informed decisions.


Whether we help families from out-of-state or those who travel manage a loved one's care, or manage stress of in-home caregiving, we help families find solutions and peace of mind.

Transitional Care

It can be hard adjusting to life after a hospitalization or short-term rehab stay. We help navigate this difficult process.

Medication Assistance

We assist our clients to reconcile medications, manage refills, fill pill boxes, provide education, and monitor for compliance.

Crisis Intervention

Our Care Managers are available by phone 24/7 to ensure our clients have the support they need and best possible care. We help navigate emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and rehabilitation stays.

Health and Disability

We attend doctors' appointments, ask the right questions, and communicate the information to everyone who needs to know.

Caregiver Coordination

Our Care Managers coordinate our clients' caregivers, whether they receive caregiving through Care Around the Block or through another agency.

Meet Our Care Managers 

Meet Our Care Managers
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Melissa Kauffman, RN, CCM
Care Manager

Melissa, also referred to as Missy, was born in Maryville, Tennessee, where she continues to live today. She has two children and three grandchildren. 

Missy has been a registered nurse and Certified Case Manager for over 20 years. She has been a nurse Care Manager at CAB for since 2014! She describes herself as dedicated to her work, loyal, and values honesty. Missy is extremely passionate about helping her clients age in place.

Outside of work, she enjoys reading, hiking, stained glass art, pottery, and cooking.

Virtual Care

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Sensi is based on audio analytics developed specifically for care environments, which can automatically analyze both mental and physical events and trends. This provides us with in-depth insights that help to significantly improve the overall well-being of our clients, accurately assessing each senior’s changing physical and mental state, and optimizing his/her care plan to perfectly support these evolving needs.

When off shift, Sensi can serve as a 24/7 silent support layer, creating a perfect combination between quality on-premise physical care, and remote virtual care support.

Learn more here.

The Experts in Aging Well™

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AGING LIFE CARE™ is a trademark of the Aging Life Care Association®. Only ALCA Members are authorized to use this term to identify their services.

An Aging Life Care Professional, also known as a geriatric care manager, is a health and human services specialist who acts as a guide and advocate for families who are caring for older relatives or disabled adults. The Aging Life Care Professional is educated and experienced in any of several fields related to aging life care / care management, including, but not limited to gerontology, nursing, social work, psychology, or occupational therapy, with a specialized focus on issues related to aging and elder care.

Aging Life Care Professionals become the “coach” and families or clients “team captain.”

Thank you to the Aging Life Care Association® for permission for us to share this information. You may learn more about Aging Life Care™ at

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Uncertain about the transition to home from the hospital?

We offer Post-Hospitalization Care services through our unique integrated Care Manager-Care Partner team approach. Contact CAB to find out how that transition can be made easier or download our PDF!

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