Care Management

Is care management right for you? 


  • Do you feel emotionally drained? 

  • Did you or your loved one experience a recent crisis? 

  • Are you preparing for the future? 

  • Do you need help navigating the complicated medical system? 


If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above,

Care Management can help.




For clients who receive caregiving services, our Care Managers work as a team with our Care Partners to create a complete package of care.


These include: 


  • Roadmapping: We help you understand the aging process, map out a plan of care, and help you or your loved one prepare for the future. 

  • Families: Aging can be hard on everyone. Whether we are helping families manage the care of a loved one from out-of-state, or managing the stress of in-home caregiving, we help families find solutions.

  • Housing: Sometimes the options are overwhelming; we help you make the right housing decision for your situation. 

  • Transitional Care: Adjusting to a new way of life after a hospital visit or move to an assisted living or long-term care facility can be hard. We help navigate this difficult process. 

  • Advocacy: Sometimes you just need someone to fight for you. Our Care Managers advocate for your needs and wishes across healthcare providers and professional services. 

  • Crisis Intervention: Our Care Managers are on call 24/7 to ensure you have the help you need. We are there for you during emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and rehabilitation to make sure you have the best possible care.

  • Health and Disability: We attend doctor's appointments with you, ask the right questions, and communicate the information to everyone who needs to know. 


Those who don't have a Care Manager often experience:

  • Higher levels of stress

  • Large amounts of time off work to take care of loved ones 

  • More worry 

  • Uncertainty 




E-Engaging in all aspects of life

M-Mindful of strengths

B-Bravely facing changing lifestyles

R-Resiliently adjusting to changes

A-Accepting positivity


E-Enjoying life!

Do you struggle with isolation, lack of cognitive stimulation, or dementia? EMBRACE could be right for you. Everyone needs purpose and meaning in their life. By recognizing this fundamental need, EMBRACE  is designed to help our clients engage in life.


The EMBRACE program includes:

  • Screenings and assessments which allow for tailored activities designed for cognitive stimulation, as well as a comparison over time

  • Meaningful engagement with a Care Manager or Care Partner, reducing isolation and improving quality of life

  • Training for family or caregivers

Social isolation and lack of engagement is associated with many negative health effects. EMBRACE is designed to improve overall well-being regardless of the current diagnosis. For those with normal cognition, we offer activities and ideas to help strengthen cognitive resilience and assist with social engagement. If your loved one is living with dementia, we offer targeted activities to stimulate remaining skills and interests with the aim of aiding in a slow-down of the disease progression. 



Benefits of hiring a Care Manager:

  • We are an advocate for you every step of the way 

  • There is someone you can call anytime day or night 

  • Peace of mind 

  • Knowledge that your loved one is receiving the best possible care 

  • Individuals with a care manager experience a decrease in hospitalizations 



"My siblings and I have dealt with crisis after crisis with my mother. CAB has gone above and beyond to help us get the very best care for her. They presented options that we didn’t even know about, and offered insight and guidance to help us find the best answers for mom."

-KW from Lenoir City

BCAT® Certified

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