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5 Ways an In-Home Caregiver Can Help Decrease Feelings of Isolation in Seniors

In my experience as an in-home Care Manager, I have encountered many seniors that live alone and have lost touch with friends and acquaintances with whom they have had relationships with in the past. They then tend to become depressed and isolated. In many instances, I have found that an in-home caregiver will often find ways for them to feel a sense of purpose again. Here are 5 ways an in-home caregiver can help decrease feelings of isolation in seniors!

1. Having a caregiver to stop-in to visit or help complete a task can decrease feelings of isolation.

Sometimes, a break in the monotony of the day can do so much to make a person feel better and increase their social well-being. Many seniors enjoy having someone to talk to, even if it is just for a short time!

2. A caregiver can encourage a senior to get out for a walk or enjoy the weather on a sunny day, which can lower stress levels and decrease feelings of isolation.

Sometimes, going on a walk with an isolated senior can make the senior and the caregiver feel better!

3. A caregiver can encourage a senior to have something to take care of, and assist them within this. Whether it be a flower/plant or even an animal such as a cat or dog, having something to take care of or nurture can motivate seniors to make better use of their time and gives them a sense of purpose!

4. Many seniors have hung up the hat on past hobbies that they genuinely enjoyed. A caregiver can encourage a senior to take up a hobby they once enjoyed or show them something new, such as knitting or coloring in adult coloring books. This can provide a sense of accomplishment and give the senior something to do to pass the time.

5. Social outings (or innings). Many seniors are no longer active in church or social gatherings for many reasons. Sometimes they may not want to participate because it reminds them of things they enjoyed with their lost loved ones. A caregiver can encourage seniors to go back to church or participate in a community gathering that may help them to meet new friends and decrease feelings of isolation. If a senior is not able to get out of the house, then the caregiver may be able to help organize a church group to come out to the senior’s home to visit regularly!

Caregivers can give a sense of security, friendship, and companionship with their visits. We are such an important part of helping seniors survive and be healthier in their day-to-day lives!

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