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In-Home Care for Dementia

About Dementia

Dementia is defined by the Oxford Languages Dictionary as, “a condition characterized by progressive or persistent loss of intellectual functioning, especially with impairment of memory and abstract thinking, and often with personality change, resulting from organic disease of the brain.” According to the World Health Organization, over 55 million (about 6.7 million Americans) people have dementia in the world, and the numbers continue to grow by almost 10 million cases each year.

An older woman in a pink long sleeve shirt with a gray vest on sitting next to a younger woman with a blue striped button up and gray cardigan working on a puzzle with the older woman.

Family Dementia Caregivers

Often, in-home care for those living with dementia is taken on by a family member, whether a child, spouse, or grandchild, or a friend. Even though caring for a family member or friend living with dementia can be gratifying, it can also cause immense stress which could lead to caregiver burnout. On top of that, family caregivers also have their own personal health (physical and emotional/mental), financial burdens, responsibilities, etc. which can make it even harder to provide the care and support someone living with dementia may need.

The choice to age in place for as long as possible is an important one for most people. It’s comfortable and, at times, easier to keep a person living with dementia in their own home due to familiarity of the environment. It’s important for individuals and families to know their options with in-home dementia care.

In-Home Care for Dementia at CAB

At Care Around the Block, we offer Care Management, Caregiving, and a specialized Dementia Care program called EMBRACE for our clients. Our goal is to make living easier for families and their loved ones or solo-agers by providing the best care possible.

Care Management is a holistic approach to care in which a Aging Life Care® professional (education or background in nursing, social work, occupational therapy, etc.) works to meet a client where they are in their aging process. The goal of Care Managed Home Care is to work towards helping the client maintain independence, age gracefully & safely, and make their lives easier. Care Managers are experts in local resources. Our Care Managers perform assessments to help clients and families identify problems and set goals pertaining to their healthcare needs and wants.


Our Caregiving is performed by our trained Care Partners. They provide companionship, personal care (toileting, bathing, meal prep), errands & transportation, and much more. We match our clients with a Care Partner based on personality and level of care needed to ensure both the caregiver and client enjoy the care provided.


A young woman in a white coat holding a box of tissues seated at a table with fruit and juice on it next to an older woman with a blue and gray shirt on holding a tissue smiling.

Our Dementia Care Program (EMBRACE) was designed in-house to improve overall well-being and quality of life. Our screenings and assessments allow us to provide unique and individually tailored care to each client. For those with Mild Cognitive Impairment, we offer activities to strengthen cognitive resilience and promote social engagement. For others living further along in disease progression, we offer activities to target remaining skills and interests. EMBRACE Care Partners go through rigorous, specialized training to effectively work with our EMBRACE clients.




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