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National Family Caregivers Month: Caregivers Connect

"Partners in an exceptional aging journey."

Being a caregiver is a unique, demanding, but profoundly rewarding role. At CAB, we have always been guided by our mission to be partners in an exceptional aging journey. That means we do all we can to make lives easier, safer, and more independent for the seniors we care for.

As we embark through the month of November, we wanted to take time to celebrate and honor our Care Partners and Care Managers during National Family Caregivers Month. We are going to define what caregiving means to us as a company, and then hear directly from our Care Partners and Care Managers what it means to them in the following weeks.

The Oxford Languages Dictionary broadly defines caregiver as, “care•giv•er: a family member or paid helper who regularly looks after a child, or a sick, elderly, or disabled person. Along with this broad definition, we define the essence of caregiving with our core values:

We do whatever it takes.

We own it.

We have a servant’s heart.

We are dependable team players.

We are professionals.

Letter blocks spelling out "Caregiver"

Senior caregivers are often faced with diverse challenges, from ADLs to companionship to personal care. “Doing whatever it takes” is a commitment to going the extra step to ensure the aging journey is easier for those they care for. It involves adaptability, resourcefulness, and unwavering dedication. Whether it’s simply being a listening ear, running errands, or preparing a favorite meal, our Care Partners are there to provide the best care and build a lasting connection with their client. Care Managers equally do whatever it takes by advocating for the individuals under their care, helping to navigate the confusion and anxiety of the aging journey and to prepare families for the future.

“Owning it” is a concept that is summarized by responsibility, integrity, and accountability. Care Partners and Care Managers take ownership of their role, recognizing their unique ability to make an impact on someone’s life. They take pride in their work and are dedicated to continuous learning and growth to better serve their clients. Owning it means pursuing excellence and committing to determination in all aspects to be the best possible caregiver.

A servant’s heart is a vital quality for Care Partners and Care Managers. It means putting the needs of those they care for above their own and approaching each task with empathy and compassion. At CAB, we strive to provide a sense of dignity, respect, and kindness to our clients, acknowledging the value of each of them. Having a servant’s heart is the cornerstone of caregiving, emphasizing the importance of nurturing the client through their aging journey.

The collaboration between the Care Partner and Care Manager is a team effort that also involves family members, healthcare professionals, and other support systems. Being a dependable team player means caregivers at CAB are actively involved in the network of individuals within the care recipient’s life. This means communicating effectively, being there to answer questions, advocating for the client, and so much more. It means ensuring the client is receiving the best care possible from all angles.

Lastly, we are professionals. Professionalism in caregiving revolves around ethical practices, maintaining the highest standards of competence, and ongoing training and learning. CAB Care Partners and Care Managers have ongoing training opportunities as well as support for everyone involved. The oversight of Care Managers ensures the match between client and Care Partner is diligent and ideal. When advocating for clients with healthcare professionals, Care Managers approach each situation with what’s best for the client. Professionalism is essential in fostering trust and a sense of security among those we care for and their families.

A Caregiver holding the hand of a senior

In conclusion, caregiving is a unique journey filled with many different connections. Caregivers connect with healthcare professionals, each other, their families, and of couse their care recipients. At CAB, our core values and mission are the guiding principles that light the path to these connections.

As “partners in an exceptional aging journey,” CAB Care Partners and Care Managers understand that they are not just providing care; they are making life easier for those they serve. Their dedication, compassion, and professionalism make them invaluable parts of the aging process, ensuring that the journey is marked by dignity, comfort, and compassion.


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