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8 Reasons Why Facebook is Great for Seniors

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Now more than ever, older adults may be finding themselves sitting at home all alone. Due to COVID-19, strict social distancing guidelines, your family being busy with their own lives, and having more time on your hands after retirement, the feeling of being left out or lonely is common among seniors these days.  is an ever-growing platform that is perfect in assisting in all of the areas previously mentioned. Here are 8 reasons why Facebook is great for seniors!

Reconnecting with Others

Facebook is a fast and easy way to reconnect with old friends and classmates, with the touch of one button. All you have to do is type their name in the "search" bar, and then "add" them as a friend!

Facebook Events

Facebook has an "Events" tab where it automatically finds events going on near you in your community. Feeling like you need to get out more? Never miss the action going on around you with constant updates on Facebook Events.

Keeping Up with the Family

Through your Facebook timeline, you have the ability to communicate with your family, even if they are all the way across the world. You can "add" all of your family members including your children, grandchildren, and more. See constant updates on their daily lives through statuses, pictures, and videos!

An older man and an older woman both looking at a computer together

Fun and Entertainment 

The main appeal of is the fun and entertainment it provides for many. From memes, to funny videos, to a variety of  Facebook Instant Games  you can play, the possibilities for entertainment are endless with a Facebook account. 

Virtual Socialization

Finding ways to stay connected and socialize with others, without leaving your home, is extremely important and often overlooked in this time of a global pandemic. Facebook may be your fix for feelings of loneliness! Once "adding" someone as a friend, you can chat with others in real time, whenever you want on Facebook! They have also recently added an audio and camera feature to the chat that you can use via your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Joining Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups  is another feature that gives you the option to "join" and belong to exclusive groups with people of similar interests and goals. Whatever you are interested in, I promise you there is a Facebook group for it, with multiple other people having the same interests.

Facebook Dating

Have you been wanting to try online dating but are unsure of it? Meet your next love interest with  Facebook Dating.  It connects directly to your Facebook profile that you've already set up and from there, you directly start a conversation with someone!

Other Peoples' Posts

Learn something new, find inspiration, or find comedic relief through the posts of others! You never know what might show up on your Facebook timeline.

If you're considering making a Facebook account now, the good news is that it is super user-friendly (my 83 year old grandma uses it daily). Oh, and don't forget to follow us at @caring4urblock once you get all set up!

Written By: Care Manager - Misty Carmichael RN, CCM


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