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Outdoor Hobbies for Seniors

March 19th was the First Day of Spring, and Daylight Savings Time began March 10th which means warmer, longer days are upon us! As the weather gets better for spending time outside, that opens a world of opportunities for aging adults to pick up a new hobby. Before we dive into the list of potential outdoor hobbies for seniors, let’s first talk about the risks of social isolation and loneliness & the benefits adopting a new hobby can have on seniors.

Risks of Social Isolation and Loneliness 

As we age, some may spend more time at home alone. Without hobbies to spend time with others and occupy day-to-day time, we can experience loneliness and social isolation which is not good for overall wellness and quality of life. Loneliness and social isolation can cause issues in both physical and mental health.

An older man sitting in a gray chair alone looking out the window while leaning his chin on his hand.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), social isolation is linked to increasing the “risk of premature death from all causes.” Spending time with others, on the opposite side, has positive impacts on health because it creates a sense of belonging, raises happiness, and helps us cope with things happening in life. The Mayo Clinic links meaningful relationships and their benefits to longer life.

Along with the risk of premature death, seniors that are experiencing isolation and loneliness may have an increased risk of various diseases or health issues like dementia, heart disease, and stroke. From a mental health perspective, a higher chance of developing depression and anxiety can be caused by a lack of social involvement and spending time alone. These issues have all been connected to a higher risk of death in general, hospitalizations, and ER visits. Though these risks are all serious issues, there are simple ways to participate in social activities and decrease the risks mentioned above.

Benefits of Outdoor Hobbies for Seniors 

The National Institute on Aging discusses the positive effects remaining active and social has on seniors and their health. They are “less likely to develop certain diseases, have a longer lifespan, are happier and less depressed, are better prepared to cope” which are the same issues directly related to social isolation and loneliness.

One simple way to combat the risks mentioned above and engage socially is to explore new activities. Developing new hobbies opens us up to different communities to relate to and spend time with. It also gives us a sense of purpose to complete the tasks related to our hobbies or something to look forward to when we are bored or lonely. Having broader communities that we can relate to makes us happy, builds our confidence, and can relieve stress.

Outdoor Hobbies for Seniors 

Here are some hobbies that can be done outside with others to enjoy the warmer weather, engage in social activity, and even increase physical activity.

  1. Gardening 

  2. Walking 

  3. Fishing 

  4. Swimming 

  5. Birdwatching 

  6. Reading, Painting, Writing

A group of 3 senior women and 2 senior men walking down a gravel path in a grassy area with trees. Two of the older women are using walking poles.

Many of these like gardening, fishing, and birdwatching involve patience and learning new skills which increases brain strength and mental health. Other activities like reading, painting, and writing are less physically demanding but still involve brain stimulation.

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