CAB offers professional Care Management and task-based Caregiving with no hour minimums, giving you peace of mind. 

Our professional Care Managers act as a guide for you or a loved one. As your advocate in the complicated healthcare system, we help you map out a plan of care and provide continuous education and monitoring.



   Areas of expertise for our certified Aging Life Care Professionals include: 



  • Roadmapping: We help you understand the aging process, map out a plan of care, and help you or your loved one prepare for the future.

  • Families: Aging can be hard on everyone. Whether we are helping families manage the care of a loved one from out-of-state, manage multiple doctor's visits or the stress of in-home caregiving, we help families find solutions.

  • EMBRACE: Through this program, we perform cognitive assessments, spend time getting to know you, and tailor activities and recommendations to your unique needs. Our EMBRACE program is designed to create meaningful engagement for everyone, including those with Dementia, through every season of life.

  • Housing: Sometimes the options are overwhelming; we help you make the right housing decision for your situation. 

  • Transitional Care: Adjusting to a new way of life after a hospital visit or move to an assisted living or long-term care facility can be hard. We help navigate this overwhelming process. 

  • Advocacy: Sometimes you just need someone to fight for you. Our Care Managers advocate for your needs and wishes across healthcare providers and professional services. 

  • Crisis Intervention: Our Care Managers are available by phone 24/7 and in-person on a case-by-case basis to ensure you have the help you need.

  • Health and Disability: We can attend doctor's appointments with you, ask the right questions, and communicate the information to everyone who needs to know.  

Our highly-trained and professional Care Partners provide services which ensure you or your loved one are safe, healthy, and happy.

Some of these include: 

  • Personal care: Bathing, dressing, and hygiene 

  • Meals: Meal prep and eating 

  • Chores: Light housekeeping and pet care 

  • Companionship: Engage in your favorite pastimes with a Care Partner 

  • Errands: Shop for what you need with your Care Partner  

CAB Neighborhoods

When you and your neighbors need services, we offer the option of a CAB Neighborhood. Under the supervision of a Care Manager, our Care Partners move from home to home for caregiving services. Task-based caregiving means you receive only the care you want when you want it.

The typical day for a client in one of our neighborhoods might look like this: 

  • Morning: A Care Partner assists you in getting dressed and ready for the day, then leaves to assist one of your neighbors. 

  • Midday: A Care Partner stops in to complete a wellness check and walk the dog.

  • Evening: A Care Partner helps you bathe and settle in for the night.


Our Care Partners are always in the neighborhood and can be available for unscheduled needs.


Not only is this an affordable caregiving option by sharing the cost of a caregiver, but it lets you or your loved one maintain independence and autonomy. 

Those who choose to age at home enjoy familiarity, independence, and the comforts of home, but something is often missing: social engagement. CAB Club is the solution. Created as a way to bring neighbors together and forge strong community bonds, CAB Club is a way to participate in fun social events without the hassle of leaving the neighborhood. 

Events include: 

  • Happy hours

  • Live music 

  • Morning exercise 

  • Games 

  • Educational speakers 


In addition to these fun events, CAB Club sponsors free community education such as Savvy Caregiver and Back in the Day Music and Memory Cafe. These events are free and open to the public- visit our events page to learn more. 




Visit our CAB Club page to see our event calendar.


What is the difference between Care Management and Caregiving?

Our care management services are what makes us distinct from other caregiving companies. Our Care Managers perform an assessment and write a plan of care, then work with our caregivers to carry out the plan. Unlike many companies which claim to provide care management services, our Care Managers are licensed professionals as nurses, social workers, and speech-language pathologists


Can you come in small time blocks or multiple times a day?

Of course! We book in 15-minute time blocks, up to 24/7. We can come in as little as 1X per week or 10 times per day.


Can you stay for more than 4 hours?

Yes! We love spending extra time with our clients.


What types of services can your caregivers do?

Bathing, toileting, light housekeeping, errands, transportation, medication reminders, meals, and many other care tasks!


What types of services can your Care Managers do?

Assistance with local resources, health and disability, legal, housing, family dynamics, financial, and advocacy. We're your guides through aging and the health care system. 


Do you accept insurance?

No. We’re a private pay company and do not accept Medicare, Medicaid, or other types of health insurance. However, if you have a Long-Term Care Insurance policy, sometimes the policy will cover all or some of the cost of Care Management and Caregiving by reimbursing the client directly. We have experience working with Long-Term Care Insurance companies and would be more than happy to help coordinate!


What can you not do?

We cannot do specialized medical tasks such as wound care, medication administering, or catheter changing. However, our licensed staff can manage medications by filling pill boxes, managing refills, and monitoring compliance.


Can you help with medications?

Yes, as Registered Nurses we can provide medication management. This entails managing refills, dispensing into pillboxes, and oversight that medications are being taken correctly.



I don’t know where to start!

This is very common, and we’re here to help. We start by doing a comprehensive assessment and identify your loved ones needs. We write a detailed care plan and work with you and your loved one to achieve these goals.



What are your hours of operation?

Our office hours are 8:30AM – 5:00 PM. However, we always have a nurse on call for urgent matters, and our caregivers are out in the field 24/7. We can also be reached after hours by phone (865) 444-6787 or email us at


How soon can we start receiving services?

You can start receiving services once an assessment is scheduled and completed, and your loved one is added to the care schedule. Depending on your location and care needs, we can typically do same day assessments, and get your loved one added to our care schedule as soon as possible.


My loved one needs to move, but we don’t know where to start.

As Care Managers who are also local experts, we can guide you and your loved one through moving, including recommendations, logistics and oversight on the facility you and your loved one choose.




"I had underestimated the toll that being a care provider was taking on me personally. While it is still a challenge it’s great to not face choices and decisions alone - our Care Partner  has been an incredible advocate for our healthcare goals and is an extremely kind, strong, reliable professional."-BK

"My father had never been officially diagnosed by a neurologist for Alzheimer’s but was being treated by their primary physician for the illness… with no clinical corroboration. The care manager felt it was very important to have my father seen by a specialist and made an appointment with a well-renowned neurologist and was able to get him in much sooner than the typical two month waiting period. The doctor found that my father not only had Alzheimer’s, but he also had another type of dementia called Lewy Body Dementia (another devastating diagnosis). Without CAB’s knowledge and intervention, we would never have known this and it did make a difference in my father’s care." -Anon

"Thank you so very much. You literally saved my sanity and Jeri's life. Words are inadequate to describe the depth of my gratitude. Your caring and compassionate guidance through a seemingly insurmountable ordeal was beyond anything I could have imagined. Elaine, Casey & Pam are the BEST!" -Connie Kitchen

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