Care Around the Block offers professional Care Management alongside Traditional Caregiving, giving you peace of mind!

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Worried about a loved one? 

Your loved one is showing signs of memory loss, you worry about their safety when you're not around, or you're not sure where to start.

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Are you in crisis or worried about your safety? 

You need assistance with the tasks of daily living, errands, or appointments, or you aren't sure what you need.

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Care Management


Traditional Care


If you don't know where to start, Care Management could be right for you. 



A professional nurse Care Manager can begin by completing an assessment and creating a unique plan of care for you.  

Here's what your Care Manager can do: 

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Help you understand the aging process, map out a plan of care, and help you or your loved one prepare for the future.

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Advocate on your behalf across healthcare providers and professional services, and report findings back to your loved ones.


Intervene in a crisis. 

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Assist with medications by reconciling medications, filling pill boxes, providing education, and monitoring for compliance.

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Provide advice on housing options. 


Refer to our EMBRACE program. Through EMBRACE we can perform cognitive assessments and tailor activities and recommendations to your unique needs. EMBRACE is designed with the aim to slow cognitive decline and provide meaningful engagement for everyone, including those with dementia, through every season of life.

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If caregiving services are recommended, our Care Manager will work directly with our Care Partners to train them on the plan of care.

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If you recently experienced a crisis or are worried about your safety, traditional care could be right for you. 


Our Care Partners can come from 2-24 hours a day to help with:


  • Activities of daily living 

  • Appointments and errands

  • Companionship 

You don’t have to be alone. Our Care Partners will be there for you and keep you safe and healthy, giving you peace of mind.


We are unique because all our clients benefit from at least 1.5 hours of Care Management services each month!

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CAB-Client journey!

You can trust us to ensure you are receiving the care you need, giving you peace of mind.


BK, Knoxville

"I had underestimated the toll that being a care provider was taking on me personally. While it is still a challenge it’s great to not face choices and decisions alone - our Care Partner  has been an incredible advocate for our healthcare goals and is an extremely kind, strong, reliable professional."

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KW, Lenoir City

"My siblings and I have dealt with crisis after crisis with my mother. CAB has gone above and beyond to help us get the very best care for her. They presented options that we didn’t even know about, and offered insight and guidance to help us find the best answers for mom." 

Connie Kitchens, Knoxville

"Thank you so very much. You literally saved my sanity and Jeri's life. Words are inadequate to describe the depth of my gratitude. Your caring and compassionate guidance through a seemingly insurmountable ordeal was beyond anything I could have imagined. Elaine, Casey & Pam are the BEST!" 

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