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What is Care Management?

When you hear Care Management what comes to mind? Case management like in hospitals? Managing your medicine and doctor visits? Care Management is what sets Care Around the Block apart from other home care companies.

Care Management is a client-centered approach of guiding older adults through the confusion and anxiety of the aging process. Care Management is carried out by our Care Managers, registered nurses by education or other licensed professionals who are experts in navigating the field of healthcare. Our professional Care Managers complete a comprehensive assessment, offer recommendations, and create a unique care plan that help clients and their families find current solutions and prepare for the future.

A Nurse Care Manager visiting a patient in the home

Care Managers' Areas of Focus:

Advocacy: Our Care Managers advocate for our clients’ healthcare needs and wishes.

Housing: Our Care Managers are experts on housing options. We help our clients make better informed decisions.

Families: Whether we help families from out-of-state manage a loved one’s care or manage the stress of in-home caregiving, we help families find solutions.

Transitional Care: It can be hard adjusting to life after a hospitalization or a move from your private home. We help navigate this difficult process.

Medication Assistance: We assist our clients to reconcile medications, manage refills, fill pill boxes, provide education, and monitor for compliance.

Crisis Intervention: Our Care Managers are available by phone 24/7 to ensure our clients have the support they need and best possible care. We help navigate emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and rehabilitation stays.

Health and Disability: We attend doctors’ appointments, ask the right questions, and communicate the information to everyone who needs to know.

Caregiver Coordination: Our Care Managers coordinate our clients’ caregivers, whether they receive caregiving through Care Around the Block or through another agency. You may be asking yourself why Care Management is needed if you are receiving caregiving. The answer is peace of mind. With our nurse Care Managers overseeing your care plan and regularly monitoring, we can help prevent crises and are prepared if one happens. Having a plan in place allows you and your family to feel comfortable, knowing we are always there. Your Care Manager would know your care plan front to back, ready to step in at a moment's notice, communicating to those involved as needed. With our guidance you will have the luxury of preparedness and confidence in your situation going forward.

If you are interested in learning more about Care Management and our services check out our website or call today at (865)444-6787.


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