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What is a Virtual Care Agent?

Sensi’s virtual care agent provides a new level of care accuracy, quality and transparency, and helps our company guarantee your loved ones are getting superior quality care services tailored for their individual needs. Sensi is based on audio analytics developed specifically for care environments, which can automatically analyze both mental and physical events and trends. This provides us with in-depth insights that help to significantly improve the overall well-being of our clients, accurately assessing each senior’s changing physical and mental state, and optimizing his/her care plan to perfectly support these evolving needs. This extends the ability of older adults to age in place, on their own terms, in a safe environment both during care hours as well as in the absence of a caregiver, and ensuring that families have peace of mind regarding their loved ones.

Getting started with Sensi is beneficial even if the senior does not have care hours at all. Sensi can provide a layer of support, and assess the true amount of care hours that are actually required based on the older adult's needs.

Sensi provides seniors and families with unparalleled value:

  • Regaining Independence: When off shift, Sensi can serve as a 24/7 silent support layer, creating a perfect combination between quality on-premise physical care, and remote virtual care support.

  • Dignity & Privacy: Unlike cameras, Sensi is a fully automatic, trigger-based audio analytics platformת it only sends alerts upon detecting risk or distress, preserving privacy and dignity.

  • Fully Automated System: Sensi doesn’t require any human intervention, so it is not dependent on manual activation. In the event of risk or distress detection, an alert is automatically sent to the dashboard.

The leaders at CAB are more passionate than ever when it comes to serving the aging population, taking a holistic approach to aging. We understand that everyone's needs are different. We are innovative which allows our clients the highest level of care and the ultimate level of independence through every season of life.

If you are interested in learning more about our new service, Sensi's virtual care agent, call today!


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