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Client and Employee Satisfaction Surveys

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Care Around the Block partners with Home Care Pulse to collect client and caregiver satisfaction surveys monthly. Home Care Pulse conducts these surveys via phone call and reaches out to 10% of our clients and caregivers each month, those who participate have the option to remain anonymous. We receive this important feedback, review it, and address comments accordingly.

Why do we conduct satisfaction surveys?

Our in-home non-medical care services are provided by a professional caregiver in the individual home where our client is living, as opposed to care provided in group accommodations like clinics or nursing home. Due to this one-on-one scenario, it is important to us that we ensure our clients and employees satisfaction and give them the opportunity to express their experiences. These surveys allows us to see any blind spots and allows us to see what works well. As a company, we pride ourselves on providing superior care and being professionals, client and employee feedback allow us to do this.

What questions are asked during a survey?

For our clients, survey questions include:

  • How likely are you to recommend Care Around the Block to others if they needed care?

  • How would you rate the impact of the services on your daily life?

  • How would you rate the ability of your caregivers to provide the care needed?

  • How satisfied are you with the communication and overall helpfulness of the office staff?

  • How well are the caregivers matched with your needs and preferences?

  • What is one thing Care Around the Block could do to improve your satisfaction with their services?

For our caregivers, survey questions include:

  • How likely are you to recommend working for Care Around the Block to an interested friend?

  • How would you rate the training you've received from Care Around the Block?

  • How would you rate your employer's recognition of your accomplishments?

  • How would you rate the office support staff and the communication you receive from them?

  • How would you rate your employer's ability to properly match you with a client?

  • What's one thing Care Around the Block could do to improve your job satisfaction?

As mentioned previously, all surveyors have the option to remain anonymous. These are open questions, details and examples are encouraged, as well as recommendations or suggestions for improvement.

What do we do with the answered surveys and monthly report?

Our leadership team reviews the monthly report together in its entirety. For positive comments and specific mention of individuals or departments, they will send cheers respectively. Care Around the Block has a unique company reward and recognition program. Employees can receive cheers like points, and as these cheers accumulate, they can use them to collect prizes. We offer a variety of cheer prizes including: gift cards, company merch, paid time off, and lunch with the CEO or a Care Manager of their choosing!

For negative comments or complaints, the leadership team creates an action plan to address the issue and assigns it to someone on the leadership team. We take negative feedback very seriously and take all necessary steps to remedy or improve.

We are proud to have been recognized and awarded by Home Care Pulse every year since 2019.

Home Care Pulse badges for Best of Home Care Employer of Choice, Leader in Excellence/Experience, Provider of Choice for the years 2019-2022, as well as, top work places 2019 from Knoxville News Sentinel.

We invest in these surveys to better understand client and employee satisfaction taking each comment seriously and taking action when needed. Being a family-owned and local company, it is our goal to treat our clients and employees as if they were family, serving our community to the best of our ability.

If you are interested in learning more about our story, core values, and mission, visit our website at

If you are interested in learning more about Home Care Pulse, visit their website at


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