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10 Positive Aspects of Aging

Aging is something that continuously happens to all of us from the moment we are born. It is rarely easy to watch a loved one age and often become dependent upon others. It can be heartbreaking for all involved. It is easy to focus on all of the negative things about aging, so here are some positive aspects on aging:

An elderly couple standing with arms around each other in the middle of a plant nursery greenhouse

  1. Senior citizen discounts for shopping, traveling and eating: Tuesday Morning, a discount department store, offers exclusive senior discounts every Tuesday morning, and check out this extensive list of restaurants that offer senior discounts as well!

  2. Security: By the time one becomes a senior citizen, they are grounded, have an average steady income, and have Medicare.

  3. Good historians: Our seniors have lifetimes of experience and numerous childhood stories they can share with you. They can also offer good advice to pass onto others!

  4. Family Trees: Ever wonder about your family relationships and history? Seniors can be super knowledgeable with helping you build that family tree, just ask them!

  5. Leisure: By the time one becomes a senior citizen, they are typically retired, and have free time to come and go as they please. They have time to try new hobbies, travel without much planning, and spend each day exactly how they please.

  6. Grandchildren: I've heard grandchildren are the best part of becoming a senior! Being retired also means having more time with the grandchildren in your life.

  7. Low debt: Often times, seniors have little to no debt. Their cars and houses are typically paid off by now, making their monthly bills minimal!

  8. A Sense of Establishment: Being the Matriarch or Patriarch of the family shows everyone who's boss around here (haha)!

  9. FREEDOM: Seniors are free to do or say all the things they have always wanted to do! Why limit yourself now? You only live once.

  10. Relationships are more important and have a deeper meaning: As we age, superficial things seem to have less and less importance. Many seniors have stated that family and friends are the true key to a happy life.

A lot of seniors tend to feel left out as they age and the world keeps moving on around them. Take the time to ask the seniors in your life what they think the positive aspects of aging are for them personally, and let them know how important they are to you. Although these tips do not apply to all seniors as each senior may have different circumstances, share these positive aspects with them for encouragement!


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