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Do You Really Know Your Mom and Dad?

When we are young, we are with our parent(s) almost all the time. We eat together, sleep in the same house, and watch the same television shows. We know our parents' routines, friends, and activities. Then, we leave home and make maybe one or two short visits weekly, but we would like to think we still know what is going on with our parents.

Being in the nursing field for 25+ years, I have seen a variety of adult children and parent relationships. Some are very close and others are not. Close or not, often times, adult children are put in a position of caring for their parent(s) as they age.

What happens when a parent falls ill, breaks a hip, or has a stroke? Do we know what they want as far as end of life care?

What happens when you get a call from the hospital needing a list of their doctors, medical history, and medications for your parents… can you answer those questions?

Then, it’s time to bring Mom or Dad home. What do they like to eat and drink? What are their favorite foods? What time do they wake up and go to bed? Do they still have the same neighbors, friends, and church family now?

Do we really know our parents? Now is as good as a time as ever to talk with your aging parents!

If you find yourself in the position of caring for your parent(s), and don't know where to start, CAB's Care Management could be right for your family. A professional nurse Care Manager can begin by completing an assessment and then create a unique plan of care for your loved one(s)! Call us at 865-444-6787 for more info.

Written By: Care Manager - Dawn Groff, BSN RN CCM

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