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Aging Life Care Management

Aging Life Care Management, also known as "Geriatric Care Management," or sometimes just referred to as "Care Management," is an approach taken to care for older adults who are facing the health challenges that come with growing older. It takes a holistic, client-centered approach when caring for these older adults, as well as creating a healthy relationship with the families.     

An Aging Life Care Specialist is one who acts as the guide or the coach for the team, and is the advocate for the client and their family. This professional is often a nurse or a licensed social worker, and is educated and experienced in several fields of care, especially in caring for the elderly. They are the ones who help identify needs and make finding solutions for these needs a little easier. Think of an Aging Life Care Specialist as the eyes and ears for the family, when the family cannot always be available!

As one grows older, you may begin to wonder if you need help from an Aging Life Care Specialist. If you are questioning the need for help, you probably do need the help. If the loved one you are caring for has a developmental or cognitive disability, mental health issues, or some type of serious physical illness, it may be worth looking into having an Aging Life Care Specialist come and evaluate your current situation. Having someone provide professional, experienced, and compassionate care, while also monitoring and evaluating each situation and then relaying the information to the family, can provide a variety of lasting benefits.

With the growing complexity of care for the elderly population, it is important to have someone skilled in short and long-term care assistance, and that will individualize care for each client and their family. Consider allowing an Aging Care Specialist to be the strong thread that is woven into the blanket of care for your family!

Care Around the Block is proud to be a part of the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA)!  Let CAB's Aging Life Care Managers and Specialists help you or a loved one understand the aging process, map out a plan of care, and help you prepare for the future.

Call us at 865-444-6787 today!

Written by: Care Manager - Dixie Qualls, RN BSN

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