Falls Prevention

Caregiver measures:

•    Toilet the client on a regular basis or when restless.

•    Stay with confused clients while they are in bathroom.

•    Make sure clients wear proper footwear at all times----proper shoes during waking hours and, perhaps, non-skid socks for clients who get up after going to bed.

•    Have clients sit on the side of the bed until they get their bearings before standing.

•    Keep the client awake during day, if possible, so that he or she will sleep at night instead of wandering. If napping occurs, it should be in the early afternoon.

•    Walk with client one on one rather than restricting their mobility.

•    Keep frequently used items near client.

Environmental measures:
•    Observe for unsafe situations (especially clutter), furniture that moves, and furniture that sticks out.

•    Leave a night light on in the room and bathroom.

•    Maintain firmly attached carpet and non-skid strips near areas that might get wet or in areas near beds where clients may step while wearing socks or stockings.

•    Elevate toilet seats and other chairs.

•    Place a rubber mat or non-skid strips in tubs or showers.


Activity measures:
•    Maintain a regular program of exercise to improve strength, muscle tone, and mobility.

•    Provide interesting activities for the clients to do.

•    Encourage wandering clients to sit in a rocking chair (if available) so they can use up some of their energy.

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