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Contracted Care Management 

Choices in Senior Care is the parent company of Care Around the Block and provides assessments, transitional care, and short and long-term Care Management for partner organizations.

 Choices in Senior Care Partners: 

Managed Care Organizations 

Community-based Organizations 

Non-profit Organizations 

Disease-specific Foundations 

 Choices in Senior Care Services: 


Our Care Managers complete assessments designed by Choices in Senior Care or partner organizations. Our professional nurse Care Managers are certified to complete “PAE” Pre-Admission Evaluations for Medicaid/TennCare and assessments for Long Term Care Insurance and Veterans Administration. 

Transitional Care

Our 30-day transitions program is proven to reduce

re-hospitalization rates and improve patient outcomes.

Long-Term Care Management

Our Care Managers are trained in chronic long-term care management which is tailored to be proactive in improving client stability in their home.

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