Aging 101

Our mission is to help you and your neighbors' age well at home. In addition to providing innovative and affordable care, we created Aging 101 to achieve our mission.


To achieve this mission, we created Aging 101. Through the following blogs, videos, and guides, you can learn the most effective and efficient ways to care for an aging loved one. Have a question you don't see answered? Let us know- our top priority is to be a resource for you.


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Caregiving 101:                                           Care Management 101:


Provide a Bed-Bath

Hand Washing

Assisting with Dressing/Undressing

Bed Sore Prevention

Making an occupied bed

Perform Passive ROM (Upper Body)

Perform Passive ROM (Lower Body)

Gait (Safety) Belt

Denture Care

Caring for Aging Adults with Nausea ETC.

Caring for a PEG tube


Changing an Adult Brief

Fall Prevention


Self-care 101:


Avoiding caregiver burnout 


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