• Gather all supplies. Wash hands with warm soap and water prior to beginning


  • Review clients care plan to identify if it is ok to shave client using a safety razor (there are some medical conditions or medications that would prevent you from proceeding


  • Place a towel to the client’s chest area prior to shave


  • Assess skin for abrasions, moles, and/or direction of hair growth


  • Check razor for rust, chips or breaks


  • Soften beard with a warm, moist cloth before applying shaving cream


  • Apply shaving cream to face


  • Wash hands again and apply gloves before shaving


  • Hold skin taut to prevent nicks


  • Shave face using downward strokes, in direction of hair growth


  • Rinse razor often during the shave to remove hair / excess shaving cream


  • Wipe/rinse face of remaining lather after the shave


  • Dry client’s face


  • Dispose of linens and trash appropriately


  • Remove gloves and wash hands with warm soap and water

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