Denture Care


  • Wash hands with warm soap and water and apply gloves


  • Take dirty dentures (already in denture cup) and supplies to sink area


  • Place dentures on clean washcloth


  • Clean denture cup and fill with cool water


  • Line bottom of sink with washcloth. Turn on water without splash


  • If available, place dirty dentures in emesis basin. If not, place on washcloth


  • Apply toothpaste (or denture cleanser) to toothbrush (or denture brush)


  • Brush all areas of dentures (on both sides of each plate) within sink area


  • Handle dentures carefully by holding / brushing one plate at a time


  • Place dentures back in denture cup (filled with clean, cool water)


  • Offer mouthwash solution / sponge-tipped swabs for oral hygiene


  • Clean and store equipment


  • Remove gloves and wash hands with warm soap and water

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