Assist client in walking using a gait (safety) belt


  • Ensure client is wearing non-skid shoes.


  • Stand in front of resident to apply gait belt snugly around waist, with room between client’s body and belt to grasp belt, with hands at each side of client’s waist


  • Ask client if he/she is dizzy before assisting client to stand


  • Use a secure, underhand (palms- up) grasp to hold belt at each side of waist


  • May instruct client to assist (to stand) by pressing hands on mattress or chair arm


  • On the count of “three”, assist client to a standing position, maintaining palms-up grasp on belt.  Rocking with client while counting to three may help


  • If belt loosens upon standing, assist client to sit on bed or chair for all belt adjustments


  • Maintain an upward grasp (one hand on belt OK) while walking the client


  • Remain slightly behind and to the side of the client while walking


  • Ask client if he/she is dizzy, tired, in pain, or short of breath while walking


  • After walking, return to desired location


  • Hold belt (with 2 hands) at each side of the client’s waist, with an upward grasp, when seating the client on the bed or chair


  • Remove belt carefully, lifting it away from client’s body (to avoid friction)

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