Making an occupied bed

•    Remove and fold any reusable linen (blanket/spread) and place them over a clean chair)

•    Wash hands with warm soap and water prior to putting on gloves

•    If it is safe to do so, roll client away from you, towards opposite side. If client is using a hospital bed, the only rail down is on the side where you will be working

•    For client’s comfort, leave pillow under head and top sheet in place

•    Wear gloves while handling soiled linens, then discard gloves and wash hands

•    Loosen and roll all dirty bottom linens toward resident and tuck against back

•    Secure ½ of clean (fitted) bottom sheet towards client, tucking it under old sheets

•    Flatten the rolled sheets and help client roll over the linen, towards you. If side rail, raise; go to the opposite side and lower that side rail

•    Remove dirty linens; place on foot of bed or on chair

•    Pull clean bottom linen towards you and secure onto mattress with minimal wrinkles

•    Center client on back and comfortably aligned

•    Cover client with clean top sheet

•    Place blanket / spread over top sheet, join together at foot of bed; make a toe pleat

•    Use gloves (as necessary) to dispose of linens. Remove gloves and wash hands with warm soap and water

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