Pressure ulcer (bed sore) prevention


  • Turn and reposition clients at risk for pressure injury, unless contraindicated due to a medical condition.  Always review the clients care plan for information


  • Choose a frequency for turning based on the support surface in use, the tolerance of skin for pressure and the client’s preferences


  • Consider lengthening the turning schedule during the night for uninterrupted sleep


  • Turn the client into a 30-degree side lying position, and use your hand to determine if the sacrum is off the bed.

  • Avoid positioning the individual on body areas with pressure injury


  • Ensure that the heels are free from the bed. Float heels.  You may use a pillow or a wedge.


  • Consider the level of immobility, exposure to shear, skin moisture, body size and weight of the client when choosing a support surface


  • Continue to reposition a client when placed on any support surface


  • Use a breathable incontinence pad


  • Use a pressure redistributing chair cushion (foam cushion) for clients sitting in chairs or wheelchairs


  • Reposition weak or immobile clients in chairs hourly

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